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    I have a 14'x24' shop and use a dust collection system with Ridgid 16gal vac. I am unhappy with the fine particals of saw dust which seems to collect on everything. It is not from sanding because the spindle sander is mobile and goes outside when used. I'm sure most is produced by the TS & RAS and some may be expelled from the exhaust on the vac. Will the overhead air handler solve most of this problem? I do not relish the idea of having to wear a dust mask every minute I'm in the shop working or just visiting. I never really paid attention to what I was breathing until I built my new shop.

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    I have the overhead air filtration system and like it a lot. I still get a high level of dust in the shop, partly because I just don't keep the filtration system running all the time. I still believe the best way to control dust is to catch it as close to the source as possible and am in the process of upgrading my dust collection system (which will include 1 micron filter bags).

    If you get the air filtration system, try to place it toward the side of your shop so it creates a circular airflow as it runs. I initially installed it right in the middle, figuring on best coverage, but have found much greater success this way. Good luck.


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      I have never seen the RIDGID® Air Filtration System #AF3000 in my HD, didn't even know it was available till this post (hmmmmm sorry dog I lose the serach engine title).

      Jake what is the list price on this?

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        You're slipping! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

        My local HD stopped carrying the AF3000 stationary air filtration system last year. The ONLY products they now carry in that category are shop vacs and shop vac accessories.

        The AF3000 as well as the other dust collection products and accessories are available online directly from Ridgid. The AF3000 lists for around $249. I'm sure Jake correct me if I'm wrong.

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          Thanks Jerry for the tip on direction mounting of the filtration unit. UPS just delivered my Jet1000B so I'll try installing it as you suggest and see how it works.


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            You can order the any RIDGID air filtration products here:

            The AF3000 sells for $249