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  • Diablo Miter Saw blade

    Hello, I recently purchased a Diablo 12" 80 tooth saw blade that was recommended to me by the sales person for installing some laminate flooring and moulding. After finishing a 12'x14' room this blade now seems very dull. Did the laminate flooring ruin this blade ? Now when I use this blade for some moulding work it now seems very dull. Is it possible to get this sharpen or did I wreck this blade. Thanks.

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    I personally was never impressed with the Diablo saw blades or anything by freud for that matter. Your problem, however is not likely the blade, but the proper blade for the job. If you did not buy the correct blade the material you were cutting likely dulled it.

    For your project, Freud recommends the:
    TK806L, LU98R010

    From their website.

    However my favorite blades are

    I had a freud that I used for general cutting on my miter saw and it dulled quickly. I initally bought a CMT General for my table saw and followed it up with a rip blade. After the freud died, i bought a CMT CMS blade and never looked back. All my blades are over 2 years old and believe it or not still cut like they were brand new (with regular cleaning and such). The general is just now starting to show some signs of dulling (burning on rip cuts) but they have all lasted longer than any freud I have ever owned. I just replaced my freud dado set with a CMT.


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      I'm sorry, I looked up 10 inch....

      here are the correct 12 inch ones...

      For your project, Freud recommends the:
      TK407, LU98R012


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        You should be able to get one or two resharpenings out of a Diablo blade. I don't know what you paid for yours new but it will probably cost around $25+- to have it resharpened.
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          I just found this service. I am not sure if their prices as listed are per tooth or per blade....

          One thing I do know, they have EBAY auctions for sharpening that are considerably less expensive than their price list.

          I am getting 2 sets of jointer knives sharpened for 4.50 ea. Price on their site would have been 17.50 ea set.


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            Freud has some great blades and many excellent values. However the Diablo series is their entry level and is not as well respected as the rest of the line. DeWalt has a similar situation with their "Contractor" series, while the Series 40 and Series 60 are excellent....


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              Thanks everyone for your replies, I will check out what it cost to get it resharpened. The blade I think cost around $45-$50.


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                I have never liked the Diablo blades. Personally, I think that they are junk. I'd use it until it's shot and get rid of it. I wouldn't waste any money on sharpening, as it will dull quickly again!

                All my blades, 10" table saw, 12" miter saw, 10" radial arm, are all CMT blades.

                I have 4 - 80T, 10".....2 - 80T, 12".....2 - 12", 100T

                I wouldn't trade them for anything. In 5 years I have only had to sharpen them once, I did them all at the same time. I have cut through Teak, Ipe, Ironwood, Hawthorne, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Maple, Hickory, etc. with very little dulling to the blades.

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                    Amana blades are good blades.....IMO.

                    I really like CMT because of the orange teflon coating on the blade that;

                    1. Doesn't wear off.

                    2. Helps the wood run smoother through the cut.

                    3. I get very little pitch build-up on them and the little I do get wipes off easily with a little mineral spirits vs. a lot of elbow grease scrubbing on conventional blades to remove it.

                    Same goes for my CMT router bits.
                    Dimensional Carpentry & Custom Woodworking
                    Historic Renovations, Restoration, & Custom Log Homes

                    I Beat The Competition Hammersdown!


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                      You are using the wrong tech with the cut. A plunge cut from a CMS will dull carbide fast regardless of brand, CMT,Amana or otherwise. You need to use a circ saw,jig saw ,TS,SCMS with a slide cut.
                      I have installed a lot of that type of flooring and learned the hard way not to use my DW706. The tips have to pierce the AlOx coating not drag across the surface which will make the dull quickly. A TCG is the best or I just buy HF blades C3 carbide, on my makita ls1023 SCMS and throw them out when dull. There are no precision cuts anyway due to the 1/4-3/8" relief at the walls to have the floor float.


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                        Kudu63, (Diablo Blade)
                        Don't waste money sharpening that blade. I bought the same blade one time, except 10in.
                        It was a piece of junk. I was able to take it back for a credit. I don't beleive freud blades are good value for the buck, and I have five of them hanging on a wall doing nothing to prove it. I now use Dimar industrial saw blades that I buy from
                        Lee Valley, and they perform like a true professional grade sawblade should, and they are built to last.(Dimar is a canadian company) CMT
                        is more or less their equal, if you stick with their industrial blades. They offer econo blades, but your back to freud quality.

                        I also treated myself recently to a Forrest WW11 blade, and that is a truly amazing blade. The reviews it gets are not exaggerated.
                        Paying a little more for the Dimars or CMTs is cheaper from day one.

                        Have a good one. Walker1