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  • Yo, Jake, update...

    Jake, Dave, Pete, RG:

    Thanks very much for the helpful, informative responses recently about electricity and motor capacity, etc.

    I listened to you guys as much as I could discipline myself to, and have a better setup than I would have if I hadn't gotten your suggestions. I've ended up with two separate 240v circuits, as well as a couple of new 120v circuits, too. I did this by replacing several breakers with tandem breakers.

    And now I have saws running! Both my bandsaw (Dave, it's a Laguna that I calculate at 2.95 hp, so it isn't the beast you inferred from my previous post) and the 2424 are all dusty and waxy. Man! I had no idea what I was missing!

    Jake, when I could get away from actually cutting wood, I decided to try the "nickel" test. Happened not to have a nickel handy, so I substituted a Panamaian 5 centavo, no problemo. But, since that might not have been stern enough a test, I tried a US penny. Both of them just stood at attention until I shut it down. That's fun! All this is fun. Oh, by the way, I tried that 5 gal bucket instead of the plastic trash barrel - works MUCH better. I didn't track in any dust tonight.

    Only sad note is that soon, I'll have to divert from cabinets again and go back to tile. Damn.

    Well, thanks again, guys. You've really helped a lot.


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    What will it take to officially change the name to "Panamaian 5 centavo test"?
    Maybe Ridgid could even provide the coin with each table saw.

    \"Last year we couldn\'t win at home.<BR>This year we can\'t win on the road.<BR>My failure as a coach is that I <BR>can\'t think of anyplace else to play.\"<BR> - Coach Harry Neale, Canucks


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      I like the idea of a penny test! I have a hard time just getting one to stand on edge on a counter top, much less a running table saw!!!