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Wood tape application

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  • Wood tape application

    I want to apply a pre-glued wood
    tape to the edges of newly made
    kitchen cabinets (3/4 cabinet-grade
    plywood). What is the ideal temperature
    setting on the iron for this? How long
    should the heat be applied? What is
    the best tool to remove the excess?
    Thank you for your response.

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    I used a household iron set on cotton. I ran it over the tape for about 5 seconds on each spot. If you didn't leave it there long enough you can go back and do it again till it melts the glue. I removed the excess with a razor blade.


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      I also use the method that Rafael uses. On more than one occassion though I've been disappointed with the end results I got using the razor blade to trim off the excess. You may want to consider buying an edge banding trimmer. There are many styles available and they run from the inexpensive to the expensive. Here is an example of one the inexpensive types, TRIMMER.
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