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  • Finish nailer for outdoor trim

    Can I use my PC 16 guage finish nailer for outside trim work? Will the nails hold under winter and summer conditions? Its a barn style townhouse with the white trim 5/4 by 3" trim around the doors and edges of the house that need to be replaced.

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    In my opinion the 16 gauge nails have just as much holding power as 15 gauge nails. The real difference is in the shear strenght of the nails. I would think you would be alright using your nailer for outside work. Still I would have some 12d galvanized siding nails around to snug up any suspect spots as you go. Have fun running your trim, I sure enjoy it.



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      I have the same unit and love it--but love is recognizing faults too.

      I've never seen a galvanized nail sold for the PC (which I'd want to use outdoors) and when you get to using the longer nails, it's asking an aweful lot of those thin nails---they're about a 1/3rd the weight/heft of an 8d finish nail---I'd be tempted to rent a heaver gauge gun, which has galvanized nails available.



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        Larliz, I've used my nailer for some of the trim work on my house, sounds like it's similar. Watch your exposures however, depending on where you live I recommmend using a silicone/latex paintable caulk at all of your joints. The caulk will serve two purposes, one to keep mosture out of the joints and from creeping in behind the finished surface, the other it will act as an adhesive to help hold things in place. I put a few blobs on the wall and run a bead down all joining surfaces, squeeze out the excess nail here and there, wipe off and it's done.

        Dave, better read the package. If your using PC nails they are galvanized, both the finish nails and the brad nails, and I'm not so sure the staples are too. I even ran a test threw some nails in a pail of water for several days, turned into a couple of weeks, (I forgot what I was doing) and no rust looked the same as when I threw them in.

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          I've never seen a package of P-C nails (or brads, for that matter) that did NOT say "galvanized" right on the label. I've never had a rust problem.

          If you own neither now, buy the 15 ga. finish nailer. The P-C 16 ga nailer is a fine tool, but most people who own one bought it when it was the only finish nailer P-C made. The 15 ga is definitely preferable for longer nails, and there is no penalty using it for shorter nails.