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    I am building a Large Lighthouse for someone and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a outdoor rated rotating beacon light for it.. or if anyone knows if this pieces can be made??? the light house is about 5 ft tall just to give you an idea of how big the light would have to be Thank You

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    Here ya go.
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      As an alternative to a rotating light you could place the light in the lower section of the lighthouse and use a rotating mirror set on a 45 deg. angle to re-direct the light beam from up to horizontal.

      Another source might be an old bubblegum style emergency light like were used on police and emergency vehicles years ago. they are not as popular now but you can find them with white or yellow lights for snow plow use so you might try a place that sells snow plow equipment. An advantage of using the snow plow light is it will be low voltage (12VDC) which will be safer. You could also hook into your low voltage lighting system (provided the lighting system and the rotating light are the same voltage) for power as long as you do not overload the transformer.