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    I am setting up shop and accumulating tools. I grew up with a father that was an avid furniture maker, unfortunately I did not learn from him as I should, more interested in chasing girls. I know a little but have much to learn. I have a table saw, jointer and planer. I am now looking towards a drill press or band saw.

    My question is regarding the band saw. I am not that familiar with the uses, other than some obvious ones, and need some help. As I get more into woodworking is a bandsaw a necessity? Being a novice right now would a drill press or a band saw be more useful? I recall my dad using each often.

    Thanks for your help

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    Loaded question! I use both a lot but if I had to choose one it would be the Band Saw
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      Depends on what type of woodworking your going to do.
      The bandsaw is good for curves and resawing and specialty cutting.


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        Figure out what types of projects you might be making for starters and see what tools you might need.

        Drill press is important, but get at least a 12" benchtop or larger. Small drill presses are next to useless---you're better off with a drill guide for your portable/cordless drill.

        Bandsaw----was my last major tool purchased and wish I'd done it sooner. However, unless you plan loads of sweeping curves in a piece or will be doing a load of re-saw work, you should also consider a good scroll saw, which, with a little patience can do a great deal---even on 3/4" hardwood. But, a good bandsaw, which doesn't give you fits when resawing is going to cost you upwards of $500, depending on who you talk to.