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    Any of you guys do any good using a shop vac as a dust collector?

    I tried to pull dust from my bandsaw thru a plastic trash barrel (as a second stage) and the vac collapsed the barrel without picking up any dust to speak of.

    So I connected the vac hose directly to the saw, and still didn't get any significant pick up.

    The vac is a 16 gal w/ a motor rated at something like 6 hp.

    The saw is new, so I was playing with it, cutting several different kinds of wood and one scrap of a composite for decks (similiar to Trex, I guess). Anyway, the cuttings varied from "wood flour" from jotoba thru coarse dust from poplar and oak to long shavings and fine dust from the composite. None of it got vacuumed.

    So if anyone knows how to make a vac work, even temporarily, I'd sure like to hear about it.



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    I use a Craftsman 16 gallon Shop Vac for dust collection on my Ridgid radial arm saw, table saw, and planer with pretty good results. Certainly much better than without it.

    I have been hooking the vac directly to the tools. The filter gets clogged after a few weekends, but I just empty the vac and brush the filter off. Hope to install a real dust collection system in the future, but with a new house and a baby on the way in about 2 months, this will work for now!


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      I haven't had the problem you speak of. I have the Ridgid 16 gal. vac connected through a 5 gal bucket then to 5 tools. The RAS is connected at the end of the system after 25' of tubing. I know this doesn't answer your question just wanted to let you know it does work.



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        Joe, I have heard the same complaint when using a plastic trash can as a precollector on a wet/dry vac. One person told that they were able to use a half-height metal trash can with good luck. The 5 gallon bucket is a good idea also.



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          I regularly (almost) use an older 6-gal Craftsman shop vac with a 2424 table saw, the 1250 miter saw, and a bunch of hand tools, with the following results:

          TS: better than I had expected. Some variability depending on the type of stock and the type of cut; the worst are shall dados, which spit more sawdust at the operator than thru cuts. The proof of the pudding, though, was the time I forgot to turn the vac on before making a cut: dust all over the place.

          MS: about the same, but here the variability has most to do with the steepness of the miter.

          P-C plate joiner: superb. Not a spec of dust on the workpiece, the floor, or me.

          P-C belt sander: pretty good.

          For the Ridgid tools, hooking up the vac is simple. For the others, I had to make an adapter to fit the 1-inch (not 1-1/4 inch) dust bag connectors. It isn't pretty, but it do work.


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            I've used a 5 gal. bucket with my system and it works fairly well. If your going this way check with your local grocery store that has a deli. If they makes cakes chances are they may ahve so 5 gal buckets the frosting comes in. If your ask they will probley give them to you. I know that in the store I work in we will. Most of the time we just throw them away. I know a bocket is not a big expence but why but one if you can get it free.
            You can buy an addapitor that will turn the bucket in to cyclon prestage pickup. Hope this helps
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              You could also check a for a remodeling construction site for a 5 gal joint compound bucket.