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  • Jointer question

    I have a board with two parallel edges but once I pass it through the jointer to get a nice clean edge the two edges are no longer parallel. It is now looking tapered. I hear the cutter cutting only 3/4 of the length of the board and the board is about 24" long. I think it may be that the out feed table is not perfectly horizontal or parallel to the infeed table. Can this be the problem and if so how do I correct this? Details if possible please!
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    First I would check for parallel and square. If these are not the problem, I would look at technique. There a lot of post on technique to search.

    Be sure you do not push down on the back half of the board.
    Good luck


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      You've said the original board has parallel sides, but are they actually straight? Even if the board measures the same width at several points along the length, the edges may not be straight.

      The primary objective of a jointer is to make a single edge straight. Your technique will determine how much material is removed and at which ends the cuts are taken. Eventually, you should get to where you cut the entire length of the board.

      If you find that you just never seem to get there (never actually make a cut along the full length of the board), you may indeed have an issue with the parallelism of the infeed outfeed tables.

      The easiest way to check is to lay a straight edge on the outfeed table, overhanging the infeed table. Slowly raise the infeed until it meets the straight edge. It should be flat across the whole bed. If not, you will have to adjust the ways by shimming.

      I've never actually had to adjust the ways. The straight edge that I use is a basic 4' aluminum rule, not a precision ground edge. I use my Table Saw cast iron top as a reference for flat. There is no use in trying to adjust to some tolerance that your measure tools do not meet.



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        Thanks for the responses, and for the warm welcome in the world of snipe. I tried lifting up on the board as it was exiting, but I just didn’t think that should be standard operating procedure or necessary for a planer that got such good reviews. I guess I’m learning the hard way, which is often the only way I suppose. Next time I’m planning first.

        Has anyone had much success in using a thickness planer as jointer, or in that a big no-no? I tried a small piece of 1x2x24” and it sure didn’t remove the bow of the board, just made it the same thickness. I just wondered if you could cheat the thickness planer by stacking a bunch of relatively strait boards on edge, just in an attempt to square them up.


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          Please disregard that last reply … I wasn’t paying attention to what thread I was on when I replied.

          Sorry about that!