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    Has anyone had a problem with the foot on the Rigid lathe? Both the one I just bought recently and the display model at the local Home Depot, the foot does not hold tightly and the lathe moves or falls forward?

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    JD---are you talking about the foot of the stand or the base of the motor and tail stock? If it's the leg stand, I'd install steel stretchers (from angle iron) and maybe build a shelf across them---add more weight until it's stable.

    If it's on the motor/tail---aren't there bolt holes, with bolts going into the stand top? If there are no bolt holes (I've only seen the lathe once--HD doesn't carry it anymore, here), you could make some sort of locking cleat---all sorts of approaches---give us some more details.


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      I assume you are talking about the fact that the foot will not keep the tube from rotating. Actually that foot is only there to hold the tube off the table, and does not lock the tube in position. The tube is held from rotating by a set screw that is in the headstock. The screw is positioned "behind" the tube, where the tube meets the headstock. Tighten this set screw as tight as you can.