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  • Wine Bottle Holder/Display

    I saw one of these at a friends house. He said he got it as a gift with some wine.
    I thought that would be an easy project that I could use up some scraps on so I
    started experimenting with some pieces of oak I had.

    I resawed into 3/16" strips about 3-1/4 inches wide, then thickness sanded to 1/8".

    Using some 3/4" plywood I made a form 3" thick for gluing and clamping the plys to create the
    laminated arc. I started this by gluing together four layers of 3/4" ply about 14" square (should have been bigger as I found out). Then I laid out my radius which was just a guess of 5-3/4" as a starting point. I laid out the radius of the OD and ID of the finish lamination and with the bandsaw removed a segment equal to the thickness of the lamination. I then screwed the layers of plywood together with some 2-3/4 screws and fastened on to the corner of a base of 1/2' plywood about 18" square.

    To be able to bend the oak I wetted each piece with water. I didn't soak it just used a dripping wet cloth and wiped it over both faces of each of the three plys.

    I then applied glue to each face spreading a thin, even coat.

    With the three layers stacked together I put them in the form and clamped it up and left it to dry for a few hours.

    Taking the piece out of the form it held its shape very well, no spring back, but even if it had sprung back a bit for this application it would not matter much as the dimensions are not that critical.

    I now had a half circle with a 5-3/4 radius about 3-1/4 wide.I ran one edge through the jointer to square it up then ripped the other edge parallel on the bandsaw and went back to the jointer to clean it up. When I was done I had a finish width of just over 2-3/4". I laid out very close to the end (since this was trial and error) a hole for bottle neck and drilled a 1-1/2" hole with a forstner bit. This proved to be too large so I cut this segment off and reduced the size to 1-1/4" which appears to work well when tested with a the dozen different wine bottles we have on hand. I then cut an arc on the ends and used a 1/8" roundover bit in the router to round over all the edges I could. When this photo was taken I had not finished by hand those edges that were not accessable to the router and again this was just an expierment so I may never finish this piece completely.

    So what I have learned is that I want to do as much before gluing in the form as possible. Looking into finishing the long edges with the router before hand which will be faster and easier and also some other tricks to simplify assembly.

    I also want the form to be bigger and design in some better provisions for clamping that maybe
    will reduce the number of clamps needed (I had about a dozen 12" bar clamps on this little piece).

    At any rate here's what my prototype looks like. I have a bunch of cherry. oak, and walnut which I will try working with. The 1/8" strips are pretty flexible so I don't see the need for steaming, wetting the wood worked just fine in these small pieces.

    I hope to crank out a few for Xmas for friends. And make a bunch to give to a our good friend who bottles his own wine so he can include them with his wine when he gives it as a gift.

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Wine Bottle Holder/Display

    Looks good, Bob!


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      Re: Wine Bottle Holder/Display


      Very nice work. Thanks for detailing your steps too as this might be a great project for any of us at some future date.

      It's very nice to see some 'woodworking' project back on the forum.... even better is something as neat as this one.




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        Re: Wine Bottle Holder/Display

        Yeah, it's getting too political here, almost like Congress, lots of whining and no doing.

        I didn't give much in the details, just outlined how I got to where I am with this test piece.

        Need to pick up a sheet of 3/4 ply so I can build another clamping form the next time I get over
        to civilazation, nothing close within 15 miles unfortunately and its all 180 degrees from my day
        to day travels to/from work or family.

        It's a pretty simple piece when its finished, only one part. But doing the lamination to give it
        strength and form is what makes it interesting.

        When I get it all figured out I'll try to remember to post an update to this thread.
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        "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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          Re: Wine Bottle Holder/Display

          Thanks for sharing this Bob. Those will make some great Xmas gifts.
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            Re: Wine Bottle Holder/Display

            Ah, wine & wood. Two of my favorites.
            I have seen a few variations of this holder, and must say, BD I like yours alot.
            On a related note, here's a couple of wine bottle stoppers turned on the lathe.
            The actual stopper part is solid SS from Ruth Niles. The decorative inlay was
            made by downloading wine images on photo paper, cutting to fit the recess,
            and covered with clear acrylic resin. The whole thing is finished and polished at one time.
            Click image for larger version

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