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converting to new style hinge

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  • converting to new style hinge

    I modified some cabinets and plan on going back with euro hinges. The originals are the double demountable hinges that reqire t-slots in the door and the cabinet. I'll try to post a picture but that's hit and miss sometimes.

    My solution is to drill out the area and glue wood dowel in its place, fill, sand, & paint.

    I could just fill and sand then locate the hinges a little closer than normal.

    Any other ideas?
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    Re: converting to new style hinge

    I'm not sure this is applicable to your situation, but I have a manufactured system for drilling the cabinet panels before assdembly of cabinet, and some shop diy jigs for locating hinges and drilling the doors for the 35mm cup type euro hinges.

    If you're interested, go to [url=] Affordable 32mm line drilling for hinges, drawer slides, and adjustable shelves. affordable line drilling and view the demo videos including (frameless cabinet 1 and 2) and photos.
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