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    I am attempting to make recessed panel doors for my next project . I am a novice woodworker and do not yet have the the power tools for this yet. I need advice on what to purchase including bits/cutters. Any advice would be welcome , thank You.

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    I am not sure what you mean when you say "recessed" panel doors. "Raised" panel doors, typical of what you seen in kitchen cabinets for instance, can be fabricated using either a table saw or router.

    Raised panels on a table saw are easier but have a less elaborate (detailed) profile than router produced raised panels.

    Raised panels on a router (table) are more difficult to make but can have more elaborate profiles.

    Making raised panel doors on a table saw requires a jig that will hold the panel firm while the saw blade passes through it at an angle. A good book that includes information on such a jig as well as many others is "200 Original Shop Aids & Jigs for Woodworkers" by Rosario Capotosto.

    There are a wide variety of router bits (and kits with several different profile bits) available for making raised panel doors. Woodraft has a good selection of such bits and kits specifically for making rasied panels.