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Warrenty Repair for 4512 TS alignment problem. (Horror Story)

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  • Warrenty Repair for 4512 TS alignment problem. (Horror Story)

    I sent my 4512 TS back for Warrenty repair about a month ago. It was afflicted with the alignment problem that causes the blade to shift out of square when raising the blade up and down. It was sent out without a hitch. I recieved the call on Saturday (5 weeks later) that it had returned from repair. I hook up my trailer, super exicited to get it back, and head off to the home depot. Once there, I see the table saw loosely packed and wrapped on a forklift. I head to the service counter to pick it up. The very nice lady at the counter informs me that the sevice technicians could not reproduce the problem and thusly nothing was fixed.

    Here's where things went seriously wrong. I insisted that I inspect the TS before I accept it back. I found the top horribly rusted. Like they had left it outside in the rain for a month. I tested the arbor by raising it up and down and sure enough... it visibly shifts out of alignment clear as day. I was pretty upset at this point. Then the lady says, "You have a balance of $90 for labor" I about blew a gasket at that point. I told her that she needs to get a manager up here because I am not paying for this. I go back to inspecting the saw and find it is even worse then I originally thought. The saw had dents and deep gouges all over it. The dust shoot was completely destroyed. The fence rails were bent. And worste of all... the cast iron motor housing was cracked all the way through and hanging by a thread.

    At this point I did blow a gasket... as much I am capible of anyway. I'm a pretty mellow guy. I do give props to the local Home Depot crew. They were very nice and accomadating. However, the best they could offer me was to send it back again for repair. (Taking another 4-6 weeks). The saw was almost completely destroyed.

    Has anyone else had this problem? How did it go?

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    Re: Warrenty Repair for 4512 TS alignment problem. (Horror Story)

    wow, that is a horror story. i hope you have photos from just before you dropped it off, or, when you actually did drop it off for repair.
    use the time/date stamp on your camera and make sure its set correctly so you have proof of when the pics were taken. doesn't help you now but for anyone in the future they should really think about doing that, and make sure they see you take the photos so there's no doubt about the condition of hte tool.

    I think I would be asking for a new saw, this one sounds like its been trashed. Is it even yours? Did you check the serial number?
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      Re: Warrenty Repair for 4512 TS alignment problem. (Horror Story)

      Hi Bob...

      I didn't take any pictures. I didn't think about it until I had the problem. I sure wish I did. I also didn't check the serial number. I suppose they could have sent me back a differant one, However, I'm pretty sure that the Home Depot Clerks checked the serial number and matched it to my reciet.


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        Re: Warrenty Repair for 4512 TS alignment problem. (Horror Story)

        I would say that Home Depot, and/or Ridgid customer service owes you a brand new saw!!!!!

        You story is truely horrible and I cannot see any excuse whatsoever why or how this should ever happen to any customer. Why should Home Depot handle your service if this is the result? Do you remember who you worked with when you brought the saw in for their service handling? (I'm thinking that maybe they should be able to collaborate the condition of the saw before it was shipped out to the service center.)

        I sure hope you get satisfaction on this, and I think I would be talking to Home Depot's HQ in Atlanta and also find out which Ridgid Service Center was responsible for this.

        Good luck,



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          Re: Warrenty Repair for 4512 TS alignment problem. (Horror Story)

          Yes horrible story. Given the hassle of shipping tools for repair I almost always where possible fix my own tools. Most of these kinds of tools are not really that complicated. I even fixed an angle grinder I killed doing stone fab while it was still under warranty - the accumulation of stone dust and sludge had frozen the brushes into place. Was not worth the hassle of shipping it for repair.

          Not sure if this works for all manufacturers but at least for Alpha and Flex tools I have fixed in the past and was not sure how to complete a step a call to their service center helped put me on the right track. On both occasions I got to speak with one of the guys doing the repairs on these tools and they were very helpful in telling me exactly how to fix.


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            Re: Warrenty Repair for 4512 TS alignment problem. (Horror Story)

            This is exactly why I only have the older style MSUV & no other Ridgid tools. Not much can go wrong with it.

            I have never liked the relationship between HD & Ridgid.
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