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  • DADO's on 3650

    I read that I do not need to use the outside bushing, or whatever you call it, before I put on the nut and tighen it. Anyone know if that is true? I am trying to setup my saw to cut a 3/4 inch dado, and with the outside bushing added, it leaves barely any threads for the nut. I thought the bushing is necessary for the dado set to lock the blades down tight, and to match the other side of the blade, etc.

    ** I'm using the freud stacked dado set, and not the dial-a-dado.

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    I never use the outside washer when cutting dados wider than ΒΌ". Once you start adding chippers, the 3 or more pieces become very stable and the outside washer isn't necessary, IMO anyways.
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      Cool, thanks.