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    who makes a good 10" combo blade, for a good price.

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      I agree decent value is Ridgid. Works well in my Makita. Cheaper than Freud Diablo which is another really good blade.

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        I've used the PC Razor blade and had pretty good results from it.

        As of yet I haven't used any of the Ridgid blades since I haven't had to buy any new blades for a while.


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          Depends on what your definition of a good price is. The Freud LU84R010 is an excellent blade for around $60. One thing to keep in mind when buying a table saw blade is the number of resharpenings you can expect to get out of the blade. A better quality blade will usually give you more resharpeningn than their less expensive counterparts and in the long run end of costing you less.
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            Hey, realize this is a Ridgid board, but Ridgid blades????? With the exception of DeWalt, frankly, not even the best saw manufacturer makes a good blade to go with it.

            To add to what Badger Dave said----not only more sharpenings, but longer time of staying sharp in that higher quality blades use better carbide and stay sharp longer.

            Keep in mind that DeWalt and Freud both sell different grades of blades in HD and the like. Check out places like Woodcraft, Woodworkers Warehouse, etc., for good quality Freud and DeWally blades----a decent combo will run you around $60, but it's well worth it.


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              Freud's LU84 is an awfully good blade for the money. It looks like the new Ridgid blades people are mentioning are made by Freud, but I haven't tried them.
              LU84 review


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                Got to stick my 2 cents in here. I realize that you asked about a combo blade, but have you thought about dedicated blades. I much prefer to have a good ripping blade and a good cross cut blade rather that a combo. After 30 + years I have found that a good dedicated blades will out proform even the best combo includeing a WW II. Takes a couple of minutes to change them, but hey to me this is just a hobby so I can spend the time.
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                  Originally posted by daveferg: Hey, realize this is a Ridgid board, but Ridgid blades ?????
                  Hey Dave,Check it out! Aint they purty?
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                    I just tried the ridgid 12" finish (100 tooth). It did very well cutting 1 1/4 oak balusters to length - no splintering or tearout on the back side. Time will tell on the life, but it seems like a good value so far.

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                      Lorax--yea---purty. Last purty blade I bought was an Oldham Signiture---cut like a dull chisel, but purty.


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                        For what it is worth, I just bought a couple of the new RIDGID titanium blades. I got the 50 tooth thin kerf combination, and the 90 tooth thin kerf polished blade. My understanding is that RIDGID has these made for them by Freud, and you will notice that, except for the color, these blades are virtually identical to their Freud Diablo counterparts. Unfortunately, there is no 10" rip blade with the RIDGID branding at this time.

                        I am using the 50 tooth combination blade with pine, cedar and red oak. It cuts like butter. My HD rep, who is a friend, said he attended a demonstration on these blades. He wasn't kidding when he said that the ripped edge that they put on the wood was like a jointed edge. It is!

                        I can only imagine what the polished finish blade will do. I haven't even tried it yet, but I plan to use it for critical crosscuts and for plywood. I also bought some zero clearance inserts from Might-T-Track. They make one for RIDGID saws, including the TS3650. You can see them here. The combination works great.

                        Pricing on the new blades at Home Depot is $64.97 for the 90 tooth and $45.97 for the 50 tooth combination blade.

                        Hope this helps. -Steve
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                          I swear by CMT. teflon coated. First blade i bought for my tablesaw was the CMT General. An awesome blade for the money. I purchased mine from in ventura california, but receintly discovered sommerfield tools and haven't found anwhere else that they are less expensive. I agree that there is no substitute for dedicated blades, but that also depends on what kind of wood you primarily work with. If you work with a lot of softwoods you can get by with the General. Especially if you have a jointer. If you work with harder words you will need to invest in a good rip blade. In my opinion based on the blades i have used, the CMT GENERAL is the Best combo blade on the market, it is because it is set up to primarily be used to crosscut. but as you begin to do more, you will find yourself buying dedicated blades. I bought the general, then the rip, compound miter saw blade, and then the melamine/laminate blade.

                          All CMT and all awesome. not to mention the orange blade compliments the TS3612 quite well! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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                            Here is an other option for combo blades.
                            Now I must say that this is industrial quality.

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                              I nailed a dewalt DW7150TK for 17 bucks at the local dewalt service store.