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14" Bandsaw Vibration

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  • 14" Bandsaw Vibration

    I purchased new Ridgid Bandsaw.

    It seems to vibrate more than expected. I have tried belt tensioning according instructions but with no luck.

    Is this common? Any tips for reducing vibration?

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    I'd suggest you pick up a copy of The Bandsaw Book (ISBN 1-56158-289-1) by Lonnie Bird. It's an excellent book that covers most common questions as far as bandsaws are concerned.

    The vibration that you're experiencing could be caused by any number of things such as the tires pulleys, belts or even the stand. Your best bet would be to go through the setup process again and double check all your settings. Many have claimed that replacing the stock belts with link belts has greatly reduced their vibration problems.
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      Dont forget to toss the factory blade and replace it with a timberwolf or the like


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        Try changing the wheels to this design.
        No more wobbles


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          Run a search here on this site for the BS1400, bandsaw, vibration etc. You'll discover a dearth of information that has been posted over the past couple of years. I've had a few challenges with mine the last few months and I have only had to return & search the archives to get the knowledge.

          Don't get frustrated, it takes alot of tweaking & a bit more cash, but it's still one hell of a saw for the money!