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  • Incra Miter 1000SE

    I have the miter 1000SE and have two questions. The first question is about adjusting the slot bar, where should the bar be when adjusting it (the infeed, middle or outfeed section of the table)? When I adjust it in the middle there is no slop but then I pull it to the infeed section of the table and it wobbles slightly. I think my slot narrows a bit in the middle and when I adjust it on the infeed side it feels tight when sliding the bar. I put all the white discs on the bar for my TS3650.

    The second question is when cross cutting should the whole bar (expansion discs) be in the miter slot when cross cutting, the reason I ask is since the 1000SE protractor head is bigger then the stock miter gauge I lose some width when cross-cutting and the bar wobbles a lot when only 4 or the 6 expansion discs are in the miter slot.