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Ridgid or Dewalt table saw?

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  • Ridgid or Dewalt table saw?

    I've narrowed my saw search down to the Dewalt DW746 or Ridgid TS2424, I like Dewalt tools and really like the 746 but I keep going back to Home Depot to look at the Ridgid, I prefer the TEFC motor but how does the open motor fare. My little voice says buy the Ridgid, but I need some convincing! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Look at the WARRENTY....BUY RIDGID.. either the 2424 or 2412 and you will noy be sorry later.. I have the 2412 and am as happy as I can be. IT does everything that I want it to do..I was also looking at some others before I bought the 24l2 Ridgid..


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      ridgid it is easer to ste up then the dewalt. I have set up both saws. The ridgid Ts2424 is the best saw.
      Andy B.


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        Well I throw in my thoughts here too. I purchased the Ridgid 2424 tablesaw about a month ago. The first chance I really had to put it through it's paces was this weekend. It has performed exceptionally well. The mobile base (i.e. Herculift) is wonderful. Just step on the pedal to raise the saw, move it, step on the pedal again to set the saw down. It is a very slick operating system. I know this will cost extra with the Dewalt. The fence on the Ridgid saw works very well. It locks down parallel with the miter slot like a pitbull with a tennis ball. The cuts are very accurate and clean and the motor has plenty of power to spare. No the motor is not TEFC but you can't beat the Ridgid warranty. I am not completly positive but I thought I read somewhere that the Dewalt motor was actually welded to the inside of the housing which could be a problem if you have to replace it. But again I am not sure so don't quote me on it. The Dewalt is fine machine but I think its' price is a bit high for what you get. The Ridgid is most certainly the best saw for the money and I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. Hope this helps.



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          When I bought my saw last summer I was considering the same two saws as you are. I liked the fence and the smaller footprint on the Dewalt better. But I was convinced to buy the ridgid for a number of reasons. First, whenever possible, I try not to buy machines that need a propriatary motor. (I own the Ryobi 3000 and have had motor trouble, a nightmare, and owned a Robland X-31 and had motor trouble, a double nightmare.)Second, I really was sold on the Herc-U-Lift, which I like even more than I thought I would. Third,the price. The DeWalt, is a nice saw, but for just a few hundred more, you could buy a great used Unisaw. Finally, the Ridgid warranty and online support. And this user forum has to be one of the most useful and friendly forums on the web. I have no regrets on my purchase, It has lived up to my expectations.


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            Maxdod, for a few hundred more than a 746, you can buy a NEW Unisaw...

            If the prices were equal, there would be little argument. The 746 is a very good saw, maybe the best of the contractor's saws. But, it is a lot more expensive, only you can say what the extra pricetag means to you.

            I can't understand how Andy B. had trouble setting up a 746, it comes almost entirely assembled. You put on the wings and fence rails. Biggest pain is that it comes in a HUGE box, because it is assembled.



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              I think it was the Feb. issue of either Wood or Popular WWing that did a review of upper-end contractor's saws. Both the Rigid and DeWalt got some high marks for various features. However, when they made their choices, they tended to opt for saws with upgraded fences. If you are comparing prices, the Rigid with an upgraded fence would be a heck of a buy.

              As to the motor in the Rigid---yes, the outboard mount can be a PITA in the dust collection issue or in adding an outfeed table. Otherwise, on my 12 year old version, the 1 hp motor keeps chugging along---almost wish it would die to justify a little more powerful one


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                For my money I would get the Ridgid TS2424. But you should look at each saw and compare what you get for the money, Customer service, warrenty and so on. And when it comes down to it go with your gut. That works for me. When I'm in the market for a new power tool or any major item I do my home work. Check out the product read reviews from as may sources as I can. Then I'll make the choise 99.9% of the time I know in my gut it's the right item to buy. And when I have changed my mind and did not go with my gut feeling I ended up with sometime I did not like. I've ahd my Ridgid Ts2424 for about 2 years now and I love it no problems what so ever. Hope this helps
                Dan<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                  Hardeeboy: The Dewalt and the Ridgid are different animals. The ts2424 is more a "true" contractors saw, and the Dewalt is aimed more at woodworkers. I've heard many negative comments about the table flatness and surface finish of the Dewalt, and never any about the Ridgid. The Dewalt is "trying" to find a niche between the Grizzly and the jet or Delta unisaw. It really does fall into a class of it's own. If I had the money at the time I needed a new saw, I would have given the Dewalt a hard, serious look. But my wallet lost, and I went Ridgid. And the biggest point is, I don't regret it. Open drip-proof motors are fine unless you let them get to the point where mice are nesting in the sawdust that should have been blown out. Cheaper to replace, also, if you ever wear one out. It all come down to dollars. Dawg
                  He who dies with the most power tools wins!


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                    I bought my TS2424 about a year and a half ago. At the time I was considering the Jet, Grizzly, Delta and Ridgid. I did a lot of research on the web, went to stores and spent hours looking over the machines, how they were set up, how easy it was to maintain, etc. I looked at tool reviews at the Woodworkers Web Association ( The final factors were the ability to download the users manual for the Ridgid Saw and both the warranty (lifetime) and the support. The Home Depot guys were great and knew the product very well. I have no regrets. The machine is rock solid, has stayed true on as far as alignment and is a pleasure to use.


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                      Unless you're ready to spring for a Unisaw or Powermatic, you won't find a better buy than the 2424, IMO.
                      Had mine a couple of years. After sliding my rails to the right to get nearly 40" of cut capacity, adding a Starrett stick-on tape, and a Forrest WW II, my baby will cut with the best of them -- hard and accurate.

                      Happy sawdust trails.