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    hello everyone Im a beginer woodworker and on many band saws where the slot is in the table from the middle to the end somtimes it has a bol or a steel plug or it is also on a cable . what is this slot and pieice for . I could not find the reason from any manual or books on woodworking. thankyou very much

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    I bought a small 9" bandsaw (Ryobi BS902)a year or so ago; so, this doesn't make me an expert by any means. It does a fine job and is a good tool to learn with, I think. So, that said (so you know where I'm at), let me answer your question:

    The slot in the table is simple... you won't be able to change the blade (or for that matter, the factory couldn't install the blade) if it wasn't for the slot. You see, the blade is a continuous band or loop. It slips over the upper and lower wheels and in order to get to the center of the table, there needs to be that slot! Similarly, the plastic insert at the center of the table is also slotted. I'm sure that if your have read your manual, you have noted where you need to pass the blade through the slot, fit it around the wheels, and position it relative to the upper and lower blade guides and thrust bearings.

    As far as the bolt at the edge of the table is concerned, that ties the table together at the outer edge of the slot. I'm guessing that it is necessary to keep the table from stressing at its weak point (the slot itself), or from warping, as might be the case with an aluminum table as used on most small band saws.

    By the way, welcome to the Ridgid forum. This is a great place to pickup a lot of hints, ideas, and learn some good stuff from some great fellows who have a lot more experience that I do.

    Hope this helps,


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      You da man Charlie. I'll just add that the insert is like that becuse you have to rotate the blade after passing it through the table slot. Without the insert you would have a large hole in the table around your blade and no support for the smaller work pieces.
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