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A long straight edge.

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  • A long straight edge.

    Besides making my own, where could I get a straight edge at least 6" wide and 100" long?

    Thanks. Michael

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    Look in the yellow pages and find a machine shop in your area. Tell them what you want, exactly the way you want it (dimensions, flexibility, edge shape, etc...), and the type of material of which the straight edge should be constructed.


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      You don't say what you want to use it for. Would a 10' peice of aluminum fascia suffice?
      The closest commercial priduct I know of is the Tru-Grip FT8TS. It's designed to clamp on an 8' panel so the overall length is well over 96" - probably about 104". The width is only about 3" though. If you absolutely need 6" wide you would need to fasten 2 of them together. Don't quote me on the exact width. I only have the back-to-back products which are wider.
      You would not need 6" wide for strength. The Tru-Grip products are extruded aluminum channel sections - very stiff. They even have accessory sliding plates for use as a panel saw or router guide if that's what you're thinking.
      If only a flat plate of metal will do, desmo is correct - a local machine shop might be your only choice. Unfortunatly, it will probably cost more that the Tru-Grip ($100 delvered from Amazon).


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        Since you didn't state the use, could you possibly use a metal stud (as in construction use). I know they are made in 2x4 sizes, don't know about 2x6. I know they come in 8' lengths and you could piggy-back 2 8 footers to get your length. They may even come in 10' lengths. Might check it out. It would have to be cheaper than having a machine shop make you something.


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          If you can settle for 97" a strip of MDF 1/2" or 3/4" use the factory edge as you straight edge. I have several lengths and widths that I use.
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