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glueing a rocker seat

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  • glueing a rocker seat

    I am building my first solid wood rocking chair from the plans of a mission rocker from WOOD magazine but I would like to build a solid seat and have the legs attach into it. How thick should it be, can I edge join 4 or 5 boards together and glue a board accross the back for strength ;can it be glued on top or on the edge grian or is this not a good idea. do I need support with this seat between for legs .I plan on cutting a notch in the seat and using dowles

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    commercial chairs can be as thin as 3/4" I much prefer the look of an 1.5" thick seat. I would edge join the boards. Even at 1" thick (hardwood) you will not need a board at the back, it will be plenty strong enough. Try to avoid using boards much wider than 4", any warping in the seat will bugger up the entire chair.