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  • Drum sanding kits

    I would like to get a good set of drum sanders that I can use on my drill press. Any thoughts as to what I should look for and where. Thanks in advance.

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    Just got a drill press this past weekend for my birthday, LOML aint she grand, and am looking for a set myself. I see you're from MN so you probably have a Menards near you. I saw a set there made by their in house Tool Shop brand. I believe it had 1/2-2 drums and sandpaper to fit all sizes. I figure for about $15 thats as good a place to start and see if they will be something I will use alot. I can always upgrade if I have to and not be out a lot of money.
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      Thanks Badger Dave. What happened to our Badgers this year? I grew up in WI and am a UW alum. I was kind of thinking along the same lines. I have seen a similiar set at Rockler. It had 4 or 5 drum sanders and a bunch of sleeves for about the same price you mentioned. The largest drum was about 2" x 2". I wondered whether I would also need a taller drum for sanding thicker stock.


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        I don't have an answer, except to say what doesn't work well. I bought a cheapy kit---actually quite complete, with various diameters and lengths and extra tubes. These are the type where there's a rubber sleeve that gets compressed by screw and washer----

        However, I've noted, after a long sanding session, that the rubber starts to deform (from the heat) and the sanding sleeve shifts---then there's a perminent bulge in the rubber and you might as well toss it.

        As I said---don't know what's better---but I wouldn't start off with a cheap set.


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          I started out with the Craftsman drum sanding kit before getting the Ridgid sander.
          It's a good kit with a good range of sizes. It doesn't come with the large drum, but the stand has a place for one that can be had separately.
          I used it for about two years with no problems.
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