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  • Furniture Wax

    I have been refinishing furniture for many years. Most finishes I apply are polyurethane (10 coats minimum) cut back with final buff using 4000 grit Abralon pads. After buffing, I have always applied a coat of Johnson's Wax to add depth.

    Last year I bought a container of Renaissance wax at the recommendation of friends and woodworking articles. I followed the instructions, but this "GREAT" wax leaves smudges, streaks, etc that will not buff out. What am I doing wrong?

    Any comments, recommendations or advice is welcome! Is there a better wax out there?


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    Re: Furniture Wax

    I use it mostly on lathe turned projects with good results.
    It only requires a thin film to be applied and should be buffed immediately.


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      Re: Furniture Wax

      I have used gallons of furniture wax in my furniture building. Even with experience, I occasionally tend to use too much and get the smudges you describe. Just remember that a little goes a long way, and let it dry sufficiently before buffing. Rubbing wet wax around doesn't really do anybody any good.

      Send a pic of you can, and I may be able to help further.