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Best Glue for particle board

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  • Best Glue for particle board

    Since I'm constrained to using melamine covered particle board from HD for store fixtures, I'd appreciate any advice related to glues for particle board.

    Any other words of wisdom will also be appreciated.


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    Titebond II works well for me. Have used it on a number of occasions and have not had a failure yet.
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      Hi, Curt:
      If you are gluing to melamine, Gorilla glue is the best. Sometimes the darker color of Gorilla is a problem, other Polyurethane glues will work, but not as well. I have also noticed that the expanding property of the Poly glues seem to work better on the granular consistency of particle board.


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        Curt, I'm reading this as needing a little clarification. If your glueing particle board direct then the Titebond will work well, if your glueing the melamine surfaces I know that Titebond won't work and Gorilla glue would be my next try, again watch the color, I believe that Elmers makes there version in a light color.

        Good luck

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          Is Gorilla brand really better than other polyurethane glues? I have Gorilla, PL and Titebond II (probably expired by now)

          I will be gluing particle board to particle board and to melamine and melamine to melamine and combinations - as in shelf dados.

          Thanks again, Curt


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            If you are dadoing the melamine surface (as in the side of the cabinet)and the shelf end is exposed part. bd, your glue joint will be part. bd/part. bd. Titebond will work fine.

            Only thing I've used on melamine/formica to melamine/formica surfaces is contact cement.

            Rodney Jenkins


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              I don't know why you would want to mess with two different glues.
              Contact cement won't hold cabinets together.

              I have three different polyurethene glues sitting in front of me, they are Excel, GORILLA, and PROBOND. Any of these glues will work but as I told you before, Gorilla will give the best bond but is dark. These glues will hold ordinary wood better than the PVC glues, they don't creep, they have a longer open/working time, and between uses you can keep them in your freezer so they don't go bad.
              What more could you possibly want?