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glue, clamp & nail ???

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  • glue, clamp & nail ???

    I know you can glue and clamp a piece until the glue dries or you can glue and brad it. What is the purpose in doing all three? Glue the parts, clamp in place, brad the joint and leave the clamps on ... I'm still developing my skills and learning.
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    Alan: I don't know. I have of course glued and clamped wood and allow to dry. And I have glued, clamped, and then nailed wood together. But after I nailed it I removed the clamps. Sometimes I don't have enough clamps and nails hold the pieces together until the glue sets up. Just my experience. Good luck!


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      FWIW----clamps are great for holding AND proper allignment of the glue-up----the brads, at least in my use, are for a bit of added strength. If the joint is critical, I'll leave it in the clamps even after brading.

      One note of caution----as you glue up carcuses, theres a temptation to simply brad things together---I've found, on occassion, that the glue will sometimes swell fibers on plywood, making it hard to get a really tight joint without using clamps.


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        What is the purpose in doing all three?

        To give you practice in filling unneeded nail holes?



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          Alan J,
          I would put lots of faith in just gluing and clamping if possible... I only use brads to hold things in place if I absolutely can't get a clamp into the right position to hold the parts together... You should try some low level testing of your own sometime with just glue and clamps... You would be amazed... Make sure you use scrap wood blocks between you clamp faces to reduce dents...

          I pretty much use either dado's and glue, biscuits and glue, or dado's, glue and screws for extra added support... I don't want to see brad holes in most cases unless they can't be seen...

          Just my opinion...
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            I agree with big Johnson, brads are only for trim and cabinet backs in my shop. Glue if it it isn't under stress, glue and screw if it is.


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              I concur with BJ, and usually rely on glue and biscuits for strength. There was an interesting article in one of the mags some time in the last 12 months about the strength of biscuited joints; the data was quite surprising.