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  • Dado question

    Hi All,

    I'm a newbie to this forum and woodworking. Hope you guys can help with a question I have.

    I've used a dado on my tablesaw to cut tenons. Everything worked well. I have a need to cut a groove down the full length of a piece of wood 4x3/4x48. I tried to do this on the TS using a dado blade and the results were not pretty. I did get to see my first kick back though!

    Happy to report I followed the safety instructions and was standing off to the side when it happened. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Should I give up on the TS/Dado combination and go buy a dado bit for my router, or is there a technique to ripping a dado?


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    Hi and Welcome!
    You didn't state the width of your dado or the type of wood, so my guess as to the problem would be that you are either feeding too quickly or trying to go too deep in one pass.
    I have successfully ripped many dados, so it is possible!

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      For a piece that long, you might want to make the cut in a couple of passes if the dado has any depth to it. Even 3 or 4 passes would not be unheard of. A router equiped with an edge guide would also be a good choice for that dado due to the narrow width of the piece. Both the table saw and the router can make dado cuts safely and accurately. When I first started making dado cuts, I used my router exclusively but now it's about 50/50 router/table saw.
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        Thanks for the tips. I was using poplar and the dido is pretty wide. I'll try taking a couple of passes.



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          I am also pretty new to woodworking but your question has raised another one in my mind. I have been using a wobbler on my table saw. It causes alot of vibration. Does anyone know if this vibration could cause damage to the bearings etc to my table saw?



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            You betcha. The vibration will eventually wear the arbor bearings and cause blade runout.