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  • Biscuit strength

    I'm in the process of doing a shelfing unit, with short spans (2 foot shelf witdh). I was considering using biscuits to attach the shelves to the sides instead of making dado cuts. How "strong" are biscuits in this type of situation? Anyone have an idea of how much weight this type of joint can hold?


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    I don't know of any exact weight/ stress charts, however, I recently assembled some built in bookcases using biscuits instead of dado's. I spanned 3 ft. using #10 biscuits and plenty of glue.
    I've got well over 30 to 40lbs of books on each shelf with no issues.


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      If well installed (gotta put the disclaimer in, anything can be messed up), they are extremely strong.

      A very good friend of mine is a professional furniture builder, one thing he makes a lot of is entertainment centers. Working with very large and expensive veneered panels, cutting dados can be a problem. He tested the strength of biscuits in this application by making a small (couple foot wide, couple foot tall) "H" joined only by biscuits. When the glue was fully set, he jumped on it. This is a big guy, 6' 5", probably 240#. It didn't break. YMMV, of course.



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        Thanks guys. That makes me feel much better about using the biscuits. Should save me alot of time.


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          I ran across this "joint strength comparison" article a while back. The results are summerized at this link which also links to the entire article if anyone is interested. I really said a lot about the strength of biscuit joints.

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