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Mounting the motor on my TS3612: More questions!

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  • Mounting the motor on my TS3612: More questions!

    It's me again. I have slipped the motor in the round guides and put the belt on. The manual said to align the washwer with the edge of the brackett (or something to that effect). So I squeezed the motor toward the plate. It says to then pull the motor back until the slack is gone from the belt.

    Maybe I was reading the manual wrong on the position the motor has to be in. When I do that it will take the slack out of the belt but it comes out of one set of round guides (the ones furtherst frontward). This leaves the motor pins that slide throught the guides just in the one with the two hex head screws. I don't think that can be correct (or is it?).

    So, can someone walk me through mounting the motor? I feel like an idiot for asking but this is harder than installing new heads and cam on my 99 Z28. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks again,


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    These directions are for my saw, but yours is similar. Loosen the bolts for the mounting bars.
    1 Install the belt on the motor and arbor pulleys.
    2 Run the saw blade all the way up.
    3 Slide the mounting bars in enough to have about 1/8 to 1/4 inch clearance between the hinged motor plate and its mount.
    4 Tighten the bolts.
    This should allow you to have belt tension from full down to full up on the blade.


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      Thank you. The directions are different but you made a comment that sparked something in my head. [img]smile.gif[/img]

      I went back and looked and I didn't raise the blade up like they said. I guess with all the stress of building a house and my 16 hour days I can't read. So, I raised the blade and the motor pulled back just like the manual said and today I have a working saw. I have to pick up some hardware I was shorted (5 flat washers and 3 nuts for the belt gaurd assembly) but that is no big deal.

      I couldn't wait and made my first cut and boy, that table top needs to be cleaned and WAXED! It was like trying to slide something over sand paper. DOH!

      Anyway, so far the saw is great and I love it. Off to HD to pick up some minwax paste wax.