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Stopping rust

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  • Stopping rust

    Hello, I am setting up a shop in my basement. When I purchased my table saw I asked the salesman about rust protection, and he told me to thourghly clean the milled surfaces and apply a quality car wax to them. This seemed to work well for a few weeks. But now I have rust on the cast iron extention of the t.s. and the table of the d.p. Could I please get some ideas on how to retard this longer or eliminate the problem altogether? Thanks, John

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    First things first. DO NOT use car wax on a table saw! Use furniture wax such as Johnsons.

    You can also buy a product known as "Top Coat". This is a spray on that lasts around six months. Wax needs to be applied @weekly depending on how often you are using your saw and the amount of humidity in your shop. I coat my saw tops every two weeks. (Also my saw blades each time they are cleaned).
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      Well, let me refine the suggestion even further---don't use any car wax---particularly if it lists silicon/silica as an ingrediant---it can spot your wood. Second, liquid or spray on car or furniture wax, are essentially watered-down versions of good old paste wax. I've been using paste wax for years and as long as I give the ts and other cast iron, a coat every couple of months (every month during our rainy season)--I have no rust---



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        I agree with the comments about using paste wax every few weeks or so. I also have a basement shop and run a dehumidifier down there. Not really sure if it helps but figure it can't hurt. I have had no rust problems. Dave


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          Try Penetrol made by Flood. It is in the paint department of HD. Once dry apply Johnson paste wax then you can concentrate on woodworking and not rust. I apply wax only about every three months and have not had any problems since starting this procedure.


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            Thanks to all for the advice. Now I have a better idea of how to attack the problem. I do plan on a dehumidifier. Thanks again!