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    I an getting ready to build a two story attached garage to my home. My home is situated on a corner lot that slopes to the front of the house. the second floor of the house opens to theback yard at ground level. The entrance to the second floor shop will be via the back yard at groundlevel through double doors. The shop will be approximately 20' X 30'. I need suggestions for the shop layout, i.e. shop tools, layouts, lighting, electrical needs, shelving, storage, etc.



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    Good time to start planning. I'd say to look at the NYW site for a shop layout, on their site---there are also books I've seen. While you (for power, dc and good lighting) need to figure where you'd want your table saw, personally, I'd leave myself some room for later rearrangements---in other words, have dc headers and electrical outlets where they could be used by any variety of layouts. Aside from the ts, location of main dc, compressor and any wall storage shelves or lumber rack, with be the first things to settle.


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      An upper level shop brings in a whole set of problems not common in most shop situations.
      I would say the very first thing to consider, and this is in the planning stages of construction, is the weight factor your going to be putting on the upper level. Machinery is not light, and wood storage weight can add up fast. I'd check with local building codes on upper level weight restrictions. Residencial would be less demanding, but if it ever becomes commercial, you might run into problems. Especially if it's directly attached to the living quarters.
      Not to mention you don't want to wake up one morning and find your shop in the front seat of your pickup.

      Shop layout depends upon the machinery your going to purchase to suit your needs. I find myself needing more and more machinery to do different things. You'll want to leave some open wall and floor space for future additions. Consider making a home made docking station for your benchtop or smaller pieces of machinery not anticipated being used daily.

      I'm on the wifes machine right now or I'd give you some links to some shop layouts for ideas. When I have time to log in on my machine I'll edit this post and list some links.

      feel free to tour my shop in hopes it will spark some idea's.

      If I can be of any further help feel free to email me from the link on site.

      Just one thing. Take pictures along the way of your shop, you won't regret it. And keep us informed on your progress.

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        I have also been looking for some shop plans. I started building my shop last year in a 2 car garage (22.5x22.5 ft. space). I got laid off in
        March and moved to a house that has a 1 car garage
        (19x11 ft. space)Ouch . While being Mr. Mom and looking for jobs on the web this year, I spent months looking for shop plans for a 1 car garage. I did not come up with much for any size shop. I even downloaded the free version of TurboCAD so that I could design my own and make sure the stuff I already have fits. My shop is 200 miles away. I visit it every 2 weeks. I need to move it in the spring and want to have a plan by then.

        The link below is the only thing I have to share.

        Currently, I am looking for links to other peoples sites on this forum and woodnet in the hope that I can find ideas or something that will fit my needs. You may want to do the same.

        I would love to have this shop. Very impressed.

        While I am rambling, this looks like a versatile workbench for a shop.

        If you find any good plans or www sites, please feel free to share.


        20x30. Lucky you.


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          Check out This site for a pretty cool shop idea:
 Garage/Shop page
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