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    Hi all. If I am aloud to do this can you answer these questions? I am trying to come up with ideas to make bit cleaning easier and safer.

    Bits = Router bits/Forstner bits/Drill bits

    How many times do you clean your router bit?
    a) Once a month
    b) Once every 3 months
    c) Twice in 6 months
    d) Very often

    How many bits do you clean at a time?
    a) 1-4
    b) 5-10
    c) 10-15
    d) 15+

    If you can buy a kit to make cleaning 20 router bits and 8 forstner or 8 drill bits in one shot easier and faster what would you pay:
    a) Less than $30
    b) Between $30 and $45
    c) I would easily pay $50 if it is really efficient

    Thanks all.

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    How many times do you clean your router bit? = Whenever it needs cleaning, depends on usage.

    How many bits do you clean at a time? = One. I clean all my bits and blades as they need it.

    If you can buy a kit yada yada yada.....? = I wouldn't buy a kit, unless you consider a bottle of Simple Green a kit.
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      I clean each bit after every use. That may mean two seconds with compressed air or a paper towel, or getting out the SG and an old toothbrush. I'd be very leary about a cleaning "machine."


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        CMT's 2050 cleaner is AWESOME!


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          Clean bits and blades as needed. Saw blades will show when they need to be cleaned. Router bits get wiped down after each use if I do a lot, or every few uses depending on what they look like.

          David (owner) @ infinity tools specifically told me to just wipe the bit down with WD-40 after each use and the pitch will come right off. Seems good that someone just recommends a cheap product rather than saying you need to spend xx dollars fo a product.