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  • Slow Motion

    Older video. And I know some of the negatives of the Saw Stop inventor trying to push it on people.

    I just like the slow motion video. Thought it might be interesting if you hadn't seen it.

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    Re: Slow Motion

    I still wouldn't put my finger on the table


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      Re: Slow Motion

      does any one know any thing about the real reliability of these saws?

      How many false stops are triggered? if the wood is a little wet or some thing?

      what type of maintance is there?

      what does age do to the system?

      what does it cost to reset, blade and the brake and what ever else it takes,

      any reports if it not working when flesh is involved?

      (for an example my saw was most likely made in the 40's maybe early 50's, excellent OLD saw, but just knowing the work to keep it clean and even the dust out of the electrical and so on, would it be working in 10, 20, 40, 60 years?, and would it have parts? the saw is not low cost from what I looked in to them a few years ago,

      It would be nice if "large and expensive parts" of the saw were not destroyed when it emergency stops, I realize it would or is cheaper than amputations or emergency room visit,
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        Re: Slow Motion

        1 of the lumber yards I visit has a sawstop and it's falsely triggered in the past. they no longer cut wood when it's raining or damp outside. the saw is protected from the rain, but it's still outside.

        I think I remember them telling me it's 50.00 for the sawstop cartridge plus the cost of the blade.

        phoebe it is