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low angle adjustable throat block plane

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  • low angle adjustable throat block plane

    I presently have the standard 21 degree block plane made in USA..Stanley I think
    Made in USA means it's "old" but excellent!

    I am considering purchasing a 12 degree [OK 12 1/2 to 13 degree] low angle block plane.
    The style has an adjustable mouth/throat....

    Prices vary from around $35.00 to close to $170.00.
    As a weekend warrior, I don't need the $170.00 model but....
    I wonder if any are still made in the good old USA?

    I'd prefer to buy made in USA VS China or India or even Mexico!
    I suspect in the lower price range I'll have to purchase an off shore made.

    Regarding the plane itself .... how useful is the adjustable mouth/throat?
    Do you actually have a different result using a 12 degree plane VS the standard 21 degree design?

    And of course the big question...

    Stanley, Gorz, Footprint, Beily, Soba etc.etc. what brand would you suggest?

    I understand the lower end/priced models will require fine tuning out of the box.

    I looked at the various models and read reviews and not a single brand today
    seems to jump out saying "me-me-me"

    Yes the best is Lie-Nielsen but I can't justify $165.00

    Any input from the experienced plane users will be appreciated.

    Cactus Man
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    Re: low angle adjustable throat block plane

    Cactus; I have a low angle with the adjustable throat--can't remember the last time I adjusted it--no need to. The difference between the low angle and the 21 is like comparing a Cadillac to a 1950 3/4 ton trucks ride.


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      Re: low angle adjustable throat block plane

      Sometimes you can pick up an older Stanley in eBay at a good price.
      Check out Pat Leach's Blood and Gore website for info on all the Stanley line.

      The Superior Works - Patrick's Blood & Gore: Preface

      The new Stanley's are very nice and decent workers. Price is not too bad compared to the others, but will be more than a used one. I like the new planes but the price holds me back for the little bit I use them. I can justify 40 or 60 for a used one in near new condition, but I always check Pat's site to see if that particular model is a dud or not.

      I picked up a new in the original box 50s era model 60-1/2 for under $50 a couple years ago. Thereare probably a dozen or more on there now. Read about the various models and their good and bad points on Pat's site, then go shopping.
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        Re: low angle adjustable throat block plane

        It's the Ballz
        I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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          Re: low angle adjustable throat block plane

          Well the low angle block plane arrived.
          I ordered a "SOBA" but the plane and on the box has the name "RIGHT"

          I suspect this is made in INDIA.

          It was shipped from England.

          Bottom line..I'm very pleased with this plane.
          the sole was flat and well machined.

          I did have to disassemble it to wipe off the protective oil all over it.

          The blade out of the box was OK, but I did kiss it to
          remove a burr and just a slight sharpening.

          This is my first plane with an adjustable mouth and I like it.

          Cactus Man

          EDIT: I did hear from where I purchased this plane. The manufacturer of the plane is "SOBA"
          in INDIA. They have decided to name this series of planes "RIDER".
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