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  • Oscillating belt sander

    I just purchased the Ridgid oscillating belt/spindle sander. I am having a problem with the belt sander portion. The belt continuously rides upward and won't stay stationary. The directions say to turn the tension know counterclockwise to force the belt downwards but I have done so all the way until the knob becomes un-threaded.

    Anybody else had this problem? Is this typical of the Ridgid sander. If so, It'll have to be returned because it is a real pain so far.


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    The belt that came with mine was poorly spliced and caused the wood to bounce off the belt although it did track fine. Try a new belt first, you would need a new one soon anyway. If it does not track either you still have it for the new one you get when you take your current one back


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      Take the belt off and then make sure you relese the lever back as if you are putting tension on a belt. Look at the adjustment roller, the end where the tracking knob is. Adjust the tracking knob until the roller is 90 degrees to the table. Replace and tension the belt. Flip the switch on and off rapidly while making very minor adjustments of the tracking knob. If you start way out its next to imposible to make the necessary adjustments without over adjusting. If you still fail to get results call the tech line. Make sure you don't sand off that end as it can screw up the adjusting mechanism.


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        Woodndust- Thanks...that did the trick!!