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  • 1300 planer rollers

    Purchased the planer two weeks ago have ran some 6/4 white oak thru with zero problems. the planer actually cut it so smooth that I almost didn't need to finish sand. I tried to run smoe 5/4 cherry thru last night and the stock would stop in the middle of planing. I would have to manually pull it thru. cutting depth was 1/32. The more I planed the worse it got. Cleaned rollers with alcohol, no impovement. Reversed the blades, still no improvement. Rough boards went thru better but not perfect. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The unit also didnt have an extra set of blades. Is home depot the only place I can get them? My local store is out of them right now.

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    My 1300 planner did the same thing.I cleanned the rollers and checked the blades but it really didn't help much.The blades were almost new, I only ran about 6 or 7 oak boards through it.Since then it has got better but I still have to pull boards through sometimes. I wonder if this could be a planner problem myself? Does other planners do this? I thought it was the rollers. I cleanned mine with alcohol too. Maybe we will both get some answers here.... Donny


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      Lee, did you look under the outfeed table of your planer? That plastic red thingy clipped to the bottom of the outfeed table is your extra set of knives.

      Speaking of outfeed tables, have you checked your infeed and outfeed tables to see if they are set properly per your instruction manual? Only the extreme ends of both the infeed and outfeed tables are supposed to be level with the table under the cutter/blades.

      Lee and Donny, sounds like perhaps your infeed and/or outfeed tables are not aligned properly. Check them out and try again.


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        Yes checked under outfeed table as described in manual no knives or plastic knive holder. Outfeed table and infeed table aligned as manual states. Any other suggestions?


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          Ok guys here are a couple of suggestions:

          Cleaning the rollers, instead of alcohol, use a stronger solvent such as lacquer thinner. Not only will this loosen more of the gunk, but it will ever so slightly soften the rubber, making the rollers work better.

          Clean and wax the main table. Make sure it is clear of all pitch and build-up and then give it a good coat of wax. Remember those rollers are putting a lot of force on the main table, so any material that is stuck on there could hang the stock

          We tested a machine that was not feeding an 8' 2 x 10 through. After cleaning the rollers and waxing the main table, it took 45 lbs of force to stop the stock from feeding.

          Replacement knives are also available directly from RIDGID by calling 1-800-4RIDGID or going to

          Lee: drop me an email about the knives for your planer