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Ripping with a RAS

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  • Ripping with a RAS

    I have had my saw for about a year and finally have time to work with it. I ripped a 4 x 4 piece of 3/4" melamine this morning and though I thought I had good pressure to keep it against the fence, by the time I was at the end, it had pulled away about a 1/4". What did I do wrong and is there a good way to rip by yourself? I bought several roller stands to help, but I must be missing something. I would appreciate any help.

    I grew up working on RAS with my Dad, so I am used to the saw, but I have nver had to do the large size ripping by myself.



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    Just a thought but did you have the head locked at 90 or could it have been a little off?
    NO NO NO- I engineered it to look like that!! Crooked-HA!


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      Since you had ample pressure to keep it against the fence, but yet it did pull away, I'd say you incountered some kind of saw blade bind and you let off the pressure and let the blade drift it away from the fence.

      Also, the roller stands. Did you use the rollers stands as helpers during this cut? If they are not perfectly in line with the stock, the rollers can pull your stock to make it line up with them.

      Try runing some scrap throught it and see if the same thing happens, not using the roller stands. If so, then run through the set up prodecures again.
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