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15 gauge finish nailer, angled

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  • 15 gauge finish nailer, angled

    Now that the garage/shop is finished I am inside of the house, painting etc. Also will be puting up CROWN moldig in LR,DR, 2 BR and bath. This "OLD HOUSE was built about 1928-1932 area. 9' ceilings and oak floors and REAL 2 x4's etc. I have had to shim many times to make up the differance with todays 2 x 4's etc.The 16 Ga PC nailer will only go to 2" & I need 2 1/2". I am looking at the Bostirch N62FNK 15 Gauge angle finish nailer// the reviews look great. Any comments or other suggestion? I need HELP ASAP> I do appreciate the help that I have been given on tis forum, as I have not been led wrong. I have bought: compressor, framing nailer, 16 ga finish nailer,and crown stapler and an VRY happy with them... Thanks folks,, Docdick and ned HELP !

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    That's the one I bought, and I haven't had any problems with it, even though I have only had light use on smaller project - no major projects yet.

    It has a very different feel than my PC brad nailer - I prefer the PC ergonomics (the way nails are loaded, the feel as I use it, etc.). I suspect your PC 16 gauge finish nailer will be similar to the PC 18 gauge brad nailer, so you might feel the same contrast that I do.

    When I am debating between larger and smaller nails, I seem to always go to the PC brads. That bias may go away after a big project where I get more familiar with the Bostich

    BTW if you are just getting started with crown mouldings, see this link - I haven't tried his suggestions, but it sounded good enough to save...


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      Doc, I just bought a Stanley Bostich 15 angled head nailer and I must say It works quite nicely. The angle magazine is critical in crown molding due to it allows you to get in tight corners. I purchased the older model N60 off of ebay for a great price. Senco would be my first choice then Porter Cable. Since it is a tool I will not be using much I went with price first. In my opinion the 15 is a better choice than the 16 due to it has more holding power. Next time you are at the big box take a look at the 16 and 15 gauge nails and judge for yourself. Goodluck
      Reggie (Grainraiser)


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        This reply may be too late to be helpful, but if you're still looking, look hard at the P-C DA250B. Note the "B". This is an upgraded version of P-C's angled 15 ga. finish naileer, and I just brought one home night before last. It is a useful improvement on what was already a great tool. Got it for $175 at H-D.


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          I would look at a Pasilode (sp?) pneumatic finish nailer. My son-in-law the builder has one and I'm was very impressed. It will shoot 3/4 inch to 2 1/2. Although you have to have an insert to go lower than the 1 inch. With that range you really don't need a brad nailer.
          I used his doing the finish nailing in the last house we built and never had a misfire or jammed nail.
          Did you get my e-mail?
          Rev Ed