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  • Table Saw Reference Book

    If you were to suggest one book to compliment the user of a Rigid 10" table saw what book would you recommend for all round hints, techniques, jigs,etc.?[EMAIL]null

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    I can't claim this is the best book, since I haven't read them all, but I found it instructive: R. J. DeChristoforo, "The Table Saw Book (Tab, 1988).


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      Kelly Mehler, The Tablesaw Book (Taunton Press)

      Can't compare it to the other one, since this is the only one I've read. Seems to have good information on jigs and setups, though.
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        Alan, I am currently using "Table Saw Techniques" by Roger W. Cliffe. I have been very pleased with every book I have read and purchased by De Christoforo. He was considered the Dean of Power Tools for years. Unfortunately he passed away a year or so ago. I have purchased them off of e-bay and through Used Book Vendors on line. The one book of his I started with when I got back into woodworking a couple of years ago was "Woodworking for Beginner". I checked it out of the library on numberous occasions until I finally found a used copy in almost new condition from an online bookseller. The other books mentioned in this forum are good also.


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          Allan: any thing by R. J DeCristoforo, or Roger Cliffe, or Rosario Capotosto should suit your needs. Decristoforo's "complete book of power tools" is a good one. Rosario capatostos, "woodworking wisdom" is another. Reading is a life-long experience. Never stop, also, use your search engine to find articles relating to what you would like to know. Good luck............Dawg
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            Thanks for all the feedback re: what table saw reference book might be the best! Much appreciated![*]