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    Anybody have any ideas why my planer won't always feed the boards through. I have tore it apart 4 times checking it out.I put new knives in it but no help. Everything seems to be working right, the rollers are good and clean. Not wore and no buid up of anykind,so its got me stumped. I could sure use some new ideas. Thanks for any info.

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    Having experienced the same problem, I'll tell you my solution. Very simply, the knife exposure must be at the design (factory ) specs. I tried a magnetic knife holder and it set the knives too high and, no feed. I reset them using the mfgr's.crude jig and it works fine. It is a Delta 12". Hope this helps.


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      Thanks hamhand, I was wondering if that was the problem. Didn't have the problem till I change knives.I did as there book instructed,just turn the knives over and tighten the screws accordingly.Aparently its a little more complicated than that.