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  • Planer problem

    I bought the 13" planer about 4-5 months ago. I tried it out when I got it and it worked like a charm. Yesterday I was starting my first project with it. I planed one 3 foot board, as I was getting the second board to put through I noticed, the planer got a lot quieter. The motor was still running. Now nothing will feed through. The planer has less than 30 minutes use on it. Is this any easy fix? Does anyone know if Home Depot will exchange it? I can not find my receipt for it.

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    sounds like you may have had a feed chain come off. anyway id take it back to h.d they are the only ones that sell ridgid planers and they have a lifetime replacement policy so check it out


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      Either the feed chain came off or a drive sprocket failed. It’s easy enough to check. Remove the black cap on the left side (held on by 2 socket head screws). The side panel will then fall free. Look roller drive chains and see if you can determine what has failed. If it is a sprocket then call 1-800-4RIDGID for a replacement