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    ok ... pardon my ignorance ...
    I often read in the ww magazines about using carpet tape or two-sided tape to hold pieces in place while assembling jigs or projects. So, last trip to my local ACE Hardware I look around for this. Well, in just carpet tape, there is light duty, heavy duty, cloth, vinyl, etc. Just what am I looking for? I assume I want something strong but that does not leave a residue if/when removed???
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    Good question, I'd like to know also

    Hmm, then I saw....

    Still looking for specific's

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      I use the one (and only) carpret tape that is sold at lowes.It is made by Manco, Inc and is about 1-1/2" wide. It is locate in the tile, hardwood floor, etc. aisle. I believe it is cloth. Anyway, it works great without leaving any adhesive residues on your templates or work. It requires patience and a little tape goes a long way. I have used to much tape and had to do some heavy prying to remove the jig.



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        They do make a mylar based two-sided tape that is very thin and sticky as H. As was said,
        don't use too much or you'll spend most of your time prying your jig off the workpiece. I made this mistake once and it leaves a lasting memory!! I know Home Depot carries it in Minnesota but that may vary elsewhere.

        Great stuff until you use too much!
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