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  • Need advice with RAS

    Hi All, here's my problem,

    I set up my new Ridgid RAS last weekend. I went through all of the adjustments. Most of them were a little 'off', but others were dead on. While adjusting the saw with the blade parellell to the table I found that the blade was off just a hair. At the time I opted to let it go the way it was.

    After a few cuts I found some crosscuts were inconsistant so I decided to go back through all of the adjustments. When I tried to perform the above adjustment I found that the nut that I was supose to loosen is stripped. I can't tighten or loosen it. Obviously, because of this, I can't make the adjustment.

    What do I do?

    Another problem I see is that once I return the saw from it's rip position the kerf for the 90 deg crosscut is slightly off. Is this normal?

    There's no way that I'm going to try to dismantle and return this to HD. It was all we could do to get this in the basement!

    BTW, I love the saw. I'm sure that once it gets adjusted it will be awesome.

    Any thoughts would be great.


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    Greetings Michael;

    I'm not sure what nut you are talking about. Is it the J-nut that holds the top to the frame? since you mentioned the blade wasn't perfectly perpandicular to the blade travel.

    Or is the nut on the post?
    If you like, contact me email ( ) and I'll mail you back my phone number and I'll see what I can do to get you fixed up.

    As for replacing it, I think if you call the 1-800-4RIDGID number and explain your delema after looking at your parts list in your manual and get the part number for when you call. They will probably ship one out for free since it's a brand new saw.

    I purchased a used scroll saw last year, and the motor was bad. When I called Ridgid, I explained that it was used, and hadn't registered yet. When the CS person looked me up on her computer she seen I had registered 9 machines and several accessories, didn't hesitate and sent me a new motor, not even a penny of postage. So in your case I don't think returning the saw is a neccessity.

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