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Freud "Dial a Dado" Blade and the TS3650

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  • Freud "Dial a Dado" Blade and the TS3650

    I have recently purchased one of Freuds "Dial a Dado" blade for my TS3650. When I come to mount it on the arbor I find that I can only get upto about 11/16". The arbor is simply too short to accomodate the 4th 3/16" chipper that is required to get to the maximum rated 13/16th". This is a shame as the most common dado I use is 3/4" I would like to cut them in a single pass.

    Does anyone know of either a solution or a known (non-wobble) Dado blade that will work to 13/16th" on the TS3650?


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    Freud has four different dado sets. The only one that you can't cut a 13/16" dado with on the 3650 is the set you have. If it's any consolation, the Dial-A-Dado set has this same problem with some other makes of saws also.
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