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Ridgid Table Saw are the DeWalt

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  • Ridgid Table Saw are the DeWalt

    Should some one buy the Ridgid Table Saw are is it worth spending he extra money to get the DeWalt Table Saw. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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    Rob---asking for comparrisons about table saws is like discussing religon or politics, only people discussing table saws aren't as friendly

    First, there's a $300 difference between the two saws. IMHO, if I had enough for the DeWalt---I'd break a couple of more piggy banks and get the Unisaw. Personally, haven't seen too much advantage to the DeWalt or the similar Jet unit, referred to as hybrids (between contractor and cabinet saws).

    Also, if you check around, you might find that there are some specific problems with the DeWalt, which make it less attractive. Personally, if I had the money, I'd buy the Rigid and deck it out with an Incra fence or other goodies. It would be a better unit.