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Miter Guage Frustration

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  • Miter Guage Frustration

    I am the proud new owner of a TS2424 table saw and am so far (a week) very pleased. I have a problem though...I purchased a miter hold down clamp (AC1022) for the deluxe miter that comes with the saw but I am unable to install it due to the hex set screw being over tightened and stripped out at the factory. I am unable to disassemble the miter in order to install the hold down clamp per the instructions. Is this common or do I need a new miter. (under warranty I am hoping). This is definitely a safety issue and having the clamp is important to me. Has anyone else had this problem or am I unique? By the way, I used a brand new 1/8th new wrench so worn edges on the wrench are not a factor. Any thoughts?
    - Tim

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    Last Saturday, Sears was having a promotion on a set of bits for backing out screws with bad heads. Basically a set of very sharp knives at an obligue angle; chuck in a cordless drill and reverse out VERY SLOWLY. Same principle as EasyOuts except you don't have to drill a hole. Will work with any type of screw face: Phillips, Torx, etc., including hex. Just be careful because the knives are very sharp.


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      Tim I would call Ridgid Customer service, Explane the problem to them, Ridgid has a great customer service dept. I'm fairly sure they'll send you a new miter gage or what ever part you need to make it work. I had a problem with the blade on my TS-2424 I called and with in a week I had a new blade. I'ed call before spending any money to fix the one you have.
      Regards Daniel Maloney


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        Thanks for the input, guys. I left a message with Emerson's Service Dept on friday and they gave me a call monday morning. They were happy to send a set screw but then I explained that wouldn't be much help since I couldn't get the old one out and the head of the guage might be the culprit. They offered to send out a complete new miter guage. Take note everyone...This is why I buy Ridgid! Great customer service to go along with their great tools. They're at the top of my list for my future Jointer! Thanks for your help
        - Tim