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Removing drill press chuck

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  • Removing drill press chuck

    Hello, I was helped by Dave Arbuckle with a question about wobble of the drill bit in an earlier post, but I have a problem. I'm not sure of the correct method used to remove the chuck. It is a JT3 chuck on a Delta 17-965 d.p. Could someone help me out? Thanks, John

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    With your drill press you should have receive a wedge shaped piece of steel called a drift key. Lower the quill until you see a slot, then rotate the chuck until you can see all the way through. Insert the drift key in the slot and rap with a hammer. The chuck and arbor should drop out. To remove the chuck from arbor open the chuck all the way and place it on the jaws of a vice with the arbor hanging down. Using a dowl drive the arbor out of the chuck.



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      Hi, I looked over everything I received in the carton and could not find the drift key. I bought this new and it was factory sealed. I will contact Delta. Thanks for the tip Jake!