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Routing pattern in cabinet door

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  • Routing pattern in cabinet door

    I'm building myself a dartboard cabinet from Walnut. Some of the cabinets I've seen have a decorative groove routed on the inside of the door maybe 2" from the edge that follows the shape of the door. I hope this explanation is clear. How would I go about routing that groove? Would I make a template out of plywood/hardboard and then secure it to my door with double sided tape and use a router template? I'm not sure what I will route yet, possibly a V groove or a Cove shaped groove. I would imagine that commercially available cabinets have this routing done by CNC or some other computer aided technology.

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    A dartboard case is also on my list of projects! I think what you're saying is that the door looks like a frame and panel setup, but it's achieved with a router instead, right? The straight edges are easily accomplished an edge guide, but the curved tops (I think that's the only curved section) will be tougher and your template idea sounds reasonable to me. Just curious, why worry about the inside of the door? When the doors are open, most people will focus on the dart board itself. I can understand the motivation for the decoration on the outside though.

    Actually, the template would also be useful for layout of the two sides, so you might get it for free. Here's what I'm thinking:

    -create the template from masonite or other thin stock exactly as you want it
    -cut the curved door panel tops to rough dimension with a jig saw/bandsaw
    -attach the template to door panel just below the rough cut with double sided tape
    -use a straight router bit with template guide to get follow the template and get an exact cut for the curve on each door top
    -shift the template down by the groove offset (2" or whatever) and cut your curved groove

    You could crank out doors like this all day!

    Here's a question for you: have you found any sources for the little chalkboards that have the Cricket game grid already imprinted on their face? Other than the board and darts, it's the only accessory that I think would be neat to purchase.


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      Yogibear, when I said inside I didn't mean the inside of the door. They will be left untouched. I meant inside of the front of the doors as opposed to the edge. You are right in that it will resemble a frame and panel door.

      You're idea of creating a template and using it to trim the doors to the exact same curve is a good one and I will probably do that.

      The router bit I am proposing to use for the detail is a 3/4" box core bit which is too large to fit through any of my router template guides. So, what I will do instead is create a kind of fence around the outside of the door that follows the shape. This will allow me to follow the outer guide using the base of the router. Same idea as before but a different guide mechanism. It should be easy to create the guide by cutting some thicker stock in the same shape as the curve and screwing it down on to some plywood. Is this idea clear? Not sure wheather I explained it clearly.