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Belt for TS2412

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  • Belt for TS2412

    I am thinking about replacing the power belt on my TS2412 table saw. Should I just order one from Ridgid or is there something better. Does it really make that much difference?

    Thanks for any help!


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    I'm going to make the assumption that the belt that you have on your saw is the same belt that is on my 3612. If that's the case than you need a Bando Rib-Ace #417-J or an equal to it. Your best bet might be to go to a local automotive store. If they don't stock it, they should be able to get one for you. Bando's Website has a directory where you can find out where the closest Bando distributor to you is located.
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      Thanks, I figured out that my problem was the pulley on the motor had worked loose. When time comes to repalce my belt I certainly will take your advice.

      Thanks again!