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  • TS3612

    I am trying to purchase a TS3612 but it seems all my near-by stores only have the TS2424's even thought their conputers show them in stock. If the new saw has all those improvements listed then why would they both be the same price? Or are the 3612's just converted 2424's?

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    They are different saws. 3612 has many improvments including better fence, 36", and some other improvements including the trunion micro adjustment which I have already used. The price is the same, as is the stock number; I was in the same situation. Check the actual boxes,(2). They will be maked 3612, not 2424. HD is trying to get rid of the 2424 stock by giving away the hold-down clamp, dust collection, and dado insert; all useful stuff to have.


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      It took the store I was in over 90 minutes to find the saw and get it down off of the shelf for me last weekend. It turned out to be in a pallet with three other 3612's on the highest shelf near the back of the store (over the door section, for whatever reason). Apparently someone else bought one earlier that same day (according to the cashier), so why they couldn't find it again is beyond me.

      I got them to throw in the dust collection accessory for free because they made me wait so long and because of other customer service issues with the teenage-looking clerk who was "helping" me. (long story not worth repeating)